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Samuel Loyd
6 Mirror of American Sports 10/10/1885
1. f4 Lh1 2. b3 droht 3. Sf5#
2. ... g6 3. Le7 ... 4. Lxf6#

nicht 2. Lf8? droht 3. Lxg7 ... 4. Lxf6#
2. ... g2! 3. Lxg7?? patt.
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Cook: Dual:
2. Lb8 droht 3. Lxa7 ... 4. Lxb6#
2. ... g5 3. b3 ... 4. Sf5#
vgl. P1067308 / P1163352

veröffentlicht unter dem Pseudonym "S.S."

Loyd an den Leiter des Schachspalte des 'Mirror' (abgedruckt am 28.11.1885): "I inclose an opening problem for your tourney. I am anxious to have it published as soon as possible, as there is a good joke about it, which will leak out, and I would like the boys to take a shot at it before it gets known. I made it yesterday and gave it to Steinitz, betting him that he would not solve it. In half an hour he solved it. I told him to write out the solutions which he did. I then told him to examine his solution carefully, as he would lose his bet if he made any mistakes; so he took five minutes more and then said he would stand by his solution. He gave the following, which I expect most of your solvers to send: 1. f4 L~ 2. Lf8 ~ 3. Lxg7 ~ 4. Lxf6# After he had thoroughly examined it, I showed him the following defense: 1. f4 Lh1! 2. Lf8 g2 3. Lxg7 stalemate! Better publish it under the motto 'S.S'; 'Stuck Steinitz'"

'Mirror' 12.12.1885: "'S.S.' 'Slippery Sam' is Mr. Loyd's pet name among the champ' solvers"
SBD: This is of course the "Stuck Steinitz" problem, published under the pseudonym "S.S." in the Mirror of American Sports, and was part of The Mirror of American Sports' Third Problem and Solution Tourney, for the solving championship of the world. The winner of the tourney was Johann Berger, followed by Reichhelm, and B.G. Laws in third place.

The problem of course has the dual second move of 2. Bb8, which was noted in the November 28 column. Supposedly Zukertort was able to solve this, leading Loyd to make the following comment in the December 26th column:

"I saw Zukertort to-day, and he solved the 'S.S.! Do
you think it prognosticates anything?"

The editor of the column wryly replied:

It may have "prognosticated" that Zukertort had seen the problem and "tumbled" to it before he left the old country. (2012-01-17)
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Reprints: Allgemeine Zeitung Chemnitz 17/07/1927
Europa-Rochade , p. 22, 05/1985
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