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Günther Weeth
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13074 Die Schwalbe 219 06/2006
#2 vor 5
VRZ, Typ Proca
null: Zurück 1.Lg1:Bc5 c6-c5+ 2.e5:d6 e.p. d7-d5 3.Kc5-b4 a7:D/T/Sb6+ 4.Lh2:Lg1 f2:D/T/Sg1L+ 5.Kd6-e5, vor 1.L:b7 ~ (0-0?) 2.Tc8# (2008-05-17)
Keywords: Defensive Retractor, Type Proca
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1nB1k2r/1bR2pp1/1p1P1p2/P1B4r/1KP5/8/PPp3P1/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2006-08-05
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2006-08-05 more...
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