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William A. Shinkman
CS26 Maryland Chess Review 12/1874
(12+6) C+
1. d4+ Txd4 2. Tc4+ Txc4 3. b4+ Txb4 4. d4+ Txd4 5. b4+ Txb4 6. Sb3+ Txb3 7. Sd3+ Txd3 8. Tc3+ Txc3 9. Ld4+ Lxd4 10. Da3+ Txa3#
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Motto: The Massacre
Keywords: Sacrifice of white pieces, Obtrusive material (Lg7)
Genre: s#
Computer test: WinChloe 3.18 / 8 cores (3 h 56 m)
FEN: 6Bb/6Br/K1pp4/2kr4/QR6/RP1P4/1P1P4/N3N3
Reprints: 606 The Golden Argosy 1929
Input: HBae, 2009-02-06
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