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1 - P1181816
Saulius Zeringis
2596 Orbit 04/2009
(6+2) C+
Korrektur der P1181816.
1. Td3 Kb4 2. Se3 Ka4 3. Dd7+ Kb4 4. Tb5+ Ka4 5. Tb8+ Ka5 6. Sc4+ Ka6 7. Td6+ Sxd6 8. Db5+ Sxb5 9. Sc7+ Sxc7#
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Keywords: Aristocrat
Genre: s#
Computer test: V. Kotesovec
FEN: K3N3/8/8/6R1/k3n1Q1/6R1/6N1/8
Reprints: XIV Orbit , p. 152, 07/2009
Input: Frank Müller, 2010-12-05
Last update: Olaf Jenkner, 2012-01-22 more...
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