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Mykhailo Gershynskyi
674 The Ural's Problemist 01-03/1999
3. Lob
(8+4) cooked
1. Tc2 Kb1 2. Tc4+ Ka1 3. Te4 Kb1 4. Th4+ Ka1 5. Th6 gxh6 6. Dg7 h5 7. Lg1 h4 8. Tg4 h3 9. Tg2 hxg2#
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Anton Baumann: NL: 1.Te4 Kb1 2.Tg1+ Kc2 3.Te3+ Kd2 4.Lc3+ Kxe3 5.De4+,De7+ Kf2 6.De1+ Kf3 7.Tf1+ Tf2 8.Dd2,De5 a1=D 9.Lxa1 Txf1# (2019-01-03)
Olaf Jenkner: vergleiche mit P1183592 (2019-01-03)

Genre: s#
Input: Frank Müller, 2013-03-31
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