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George P. Sphicas
Michael A. Neumeier

C0499 StrateGems (64) 10-12/2013
Informalturnier 2014
Spezielle ehrende Erwähnung
(11+10) C+
1. d1=S 2. Le1 3. c3 4. c2 5. b1=S 6. Sd2 7. c1=S 8. Sd3 9. Ke2 10. S1f2 11. g1=S 12. S1f3 13. g3 14. g2 15. g1=S c6=
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Vaclav Kotesovec: Problem is anticipated by Vilmos Schneider, 3. Prize Schach-Echo 1970, sh=16 (WinChloe ID=12391, PDB - P1263150), but this problem is cooked! I tested C0499 by Popeye in intelligent mode 224 hours 51 minutes with a result: C+! Therefore, I think, if C0499 is correct, has the right to exist (minimally as a correction of Schneider's problem!). (2015-02-17)
Frank Müller: Wurde ins Informalturnier 2014 verschoben, da Co-Autor Mike Neumeier für 2013 Preisrichter war. (2015-06-23)
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Keywords: Series mover, konsekutive Umwandlungen 5 (sssss)
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: V. Kotesovec: Popeye Windows-64Bit v4.69 (11 GB) (Zeit = 224:51:45 h:m:s)
FEN: 8/B1p5/8/1QPKP2B/2p1pPp1/1Pb1N2p/Rp1p1kpR/8
Input: Frank Müller, 2013-09-30
Last update: Olaf Jenkner, 2015-06-23 more...
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