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Eberhard Schulze
16585 Die Schwalbe 277, p. 382, 02/2016
6. ehrende Erwähnung
PR Kjell Widlert
1. Tc5+ Kd4 2. Tc8+ Kd5 3. Se3+ Kxe5 4. Sc4+ Kd5 5. Tc5+ Kd4 6. Tc7+ Kd5 7. Lg8 Dxg8 8. Tc5+ Kd4 9. Tc8+ Kd5 10. a8=D+ Sc6 11. Dxc6#
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Anton Baumann: Korrektur Forderung: #11
Lösung: 1.Tc5+ Kd4 2.Tc8+ Kd5 3.Se3+ Kxe5 4.Sc4+ Kd5 5.Tc5+ Kd4 6.Tc7+ Kd5 7.Lg8 Dxg8 8.Tc5+ Kd4 9.Tc8+ Kd5 10.a8=D+ Sc6 11.Dxc6# (2018-01-02)
Henrik Juel: With corrected stipulation, #11,
Popeye 4.61 w. opt dro 1 found no flaws, except for duals in short variations (2018-01-02)
Keywords: Logical Problem, Staggered preplans, Switchback, Line closing, Klasinc theme, Promotion, Discovered check
Genre: n#
FEN: q7/P1R2pNB/1B4pK/3kP3/1nN1p3/2pp1b1P/8/8
Reprints: 16585 Die Schwalbe 294-2, p. 711, 12/2018
Input: Felber, Volker, 2016-09-06
Last update: Gunter Jordan, 2019-01-31 more...
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