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1 - P1108934
Werner Keym
Die Schwalbe 2008
Einziger Zug?
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To understand the task, see the definition for keyword "Unique move?"
With 21 pieces this is the economy record for the en passant capture, pre dead position rule. By the golden age principle, it remains an economy record.
Keywords: Unique move? (BxBep), En passant, Economy record, Golden Age (DP rule 1997)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 5b1b/1p2p1kP/1P2p1PR/1P2PpKR/5PpB/5pP1/5P2/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2010-06-26
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2 - P1240663
Kari Karhunen
Die Schwalbe 12/2009
Einziger Zug?
1. fxg6ep#
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hans: What’s the problem? Last move of black must have been g7-g5?
without e.p. it’s stalemate R: -1. e5xDd6 Dc6-d6 -2. Kh4-h5 g6-g5+
bCap: cxb5, axb-b1=L, exd-d1=L, hxgxh-h1=L wCap axb6, exd, [D/L/S], (2013-09-16)
Henrik Juel: This is a construction task (with some retro content), and it is given that White has the move; with this knowledge it is easily seen that last move was g7-g5, and the only possible forward move is fxg5ep, which mates Black (2013-09-16)
A.Buchanan: If I remember correctly, in these it isn't given that White has the move. With BTM the position must be pat, so that the stipulation "unique move" only has a solution with WTM. (2013-09-16)
Keywords: Unique move? (BxBep), En passant
Genre: Retro
FEN: N1b1brbr/1pPp1k1n/bP1P1p1P/Bp1P1PpK/1P4P1/8/8/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2012-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2015-02-28 more...
3 - P1298394
Andrew Buchanan
PDB Website 28/2/2015
Unique next move?
1. bxa6ep
followed by 1. ... bxa6 2. b7 a5 e.g. 3. b8=D/T#
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This is a retro theme, since it requires that the position be legal for both players to move. Therefore DP rule triggers, and here is the current economy record. The prior record also remains valid via the golden age principle, so is also an economy record.
Keywords: Unique move? (BxBep), Dead Position, En passant as key, Economy record, Kindergarten Problem
Genre: Retro
FEN: 7k/1p3p1P/1P3PpK/pP4P1/8/8/8/8
Input: A.Buchanan, 2015-02-28
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