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1 - P1106809
Edgar Fielder
British Chess Magazine 1938
32 Steine, nur 1 Stein kann ziehen

Minimum-Rekord, nur die weiße Dame kann ziehen.
Weiterer Nachdruck: 149, Kurioses Schach, 1960 (Karl Fabel)
Keywords: Construction record
Genre: Fairies
FEN: brn1BRRB/qknQpKNp/rb1pPp1N/p1pP1PpP/P1P3P1/1p6/1P6/8
Reprints: 145 Ultimate Themes 1938
Best Problems 45 2008
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2010-06-04
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2 - P1182050
Thomas R. Dawson
The Chess Amateur 1923
Dedicated with love to my wife
2 Züge mit 32 Steinen
1. Ld1
1. Se2
play all play one stop play next play all
Construct legal positions with the usual 32 men on the 8 by 8 board, containing no retro-analytical argument, in which the mobility of the men is reduced to two possible moves. (Idee von W.Shinkman, der aber nur ein Minimum von drei Zügen erreichte.)
T.R.Dawson fand insgesamt 3 Stellungen. Siehe P1182095, P1182096
Henrik Juel: Dawson wrote:
P. Frey has recently found a fourth solution, a simple corollary to the three given here, which may be left to the reader.
(sic!) (2014-09-24)
Keywords: Construction record
Genre: Mathematics
FEN: qrrb2n1/nbk1p3/p1p1Pp1p/PpP2P1P/1P1p4/BK1P2p1/QRB3P1/NRN5
Reprints: 145i Caissa's Wild Roses 1935
144 Ultimate Themes 1938
Best Problems 45 2008
Input: HBae, 2010-12-08
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