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Alex Fishbein
R498 The Problemist 2015-2016
Lob ex aequo
Find an orthodox game that ends with 7. ... Kxb7#
1. d4 c5 2. dxc5 Sa6 3. Dxd7+ Kxd7 4. Kd2 Kc7+ 5. Kc3 Le6 6. c6 Tc8 7. cxb7 Kxb7#
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Judge's comment [Silvio Baier]: "(with P1339617) Two length records for unique proof games with given mating move. The proof games themselves are not very interesting; this was not the intention, but the nice programming result together with the nice solving challenges is worth a commendation for both problems."
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Keywords: Synthetic problem, Unique Proof Game
Genre: Retro
Reprints: The Problemist , p. 6, 03/2017
Input: A.Buchanan, 2017-9-18
Last update: Arnold Beine, 2017-10-1 more...
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