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Udo Degener
Wola Gulowska 1992
2. Lob
(11+10) C+
1. Ta8! droht 2. Lxd5+ Kxb5 3. Sd4+ Txd4#
1. ... c2 2. Dxd5+ Kc3 3. Dd4+ Txd4#
1. ... Txa8 2. Sxd5+ Kd3 3. Td4+ Txd4#
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Keywords: x pieces capture on one square
Genre: s#
Computer test: Popeye WINDOWS-32Bit V4.37 (207144 KB)
FEN: 1R5r/2BP1p2/2BK1p2/1P1p1N2/prk2N1R/b1p5/Pn4Q1/8
Input: Frank Müller, 2010-11-11
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