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Frank Richter
18262 Die Schwalbe 304 08/2020
(11+12) C+
1. Lf3! droht 2. Td5+ exd5 3. g6+ Lf5#
1. ... Tc8,Tc~ 2. Td3+ Tc7,Td6 3. Te3+ Le4#, 2. Td5#??
1. ... Txc3! 2. Tc6+! Kd4 3. Th4+ Le4#, 2. Td5#??, 2. Td3+?
1. ... Txg7! 2. Td7+! Kf5 3. Dd3+ Lxd3#, 2. Td5#??, 2. Td3+?
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"Black creates a white battery to defend, what is exactly used by White (inversion of motive), two further variations with corrected play by the black rook, again this is used by White (advanced inversion of motives)." (Author)

Genre: s#
FEN: 1B6/1Br3Np/Q2Rp3/4k1PR/8/1pP3p1/1P1pp1N1/Kb1rq2n
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2021-01-27
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