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What's New

Design Changes (2019-5-14)

The navigation links have been moved to the top of the web page. This avoids the empty margin on the left side for search results and also allows some improvements of the web page in the mobile version.

PDB update (2019-3-17)

A new version of the PDB web site has been released:

New Search Keys (2018-10-2)

It is now also possible to search for the fields 'award' and 'solution text' by using the search keys AWARD and SOLTEXT.

PDB Server Change (2018-4-20)

PDB will be moved to a new server on April 23rd, 2018. There will be a downtime of around 24h.

New URL http://pdb.dieschwalbe.de (2013-12-7)

PDB has moved to a new domain. Please use the following URL from now on: http://pdb.dieschwalbe.de.

Import of Collection by Volker Felber (2011-11-8)

A collection by Volker Felber with more than 8000 problems from Die Schwalbe and Funkschach as well as other sources until 1937 has today been imported. Around 3300 new twomovers, 2200 threemovers and 1300 moremovers are now available.

Import of Wenigsteiner Collection (2011-10-11)

We are pleased to announce that the Wenigsteiner collection of Hans Gruber has been imported. Nearly 10000 new problems with at most 4 men are now available in PDB.

Display of Solution, Themes etc. (2011-10-7)

Due to current discussions we decided that all data (like solutions, themes etc.) will be openly visible to all users of PDB. We will not delay publication of this data anymore. But we will try to respect specific requirements of publications. In these circumstances the data will not be entered to the database and therefore will not be available for searching, be it for anticipations or other comparisons.

Aufgrund aktueller Diskussionen haben wir uns entschlossen, alle Eingaben in die PDB grundsätzlich auch anzuzeigen, d.h. keine Daten wie Lösungen oder Themenhinweise zu unterdrücken, auch nicht für einen kleinen Zeitraum (z.B. bis zum Erscheinen der Lösungsbesprechungen). Anders wird nur auf ausdrücklichen Wunsch von Publikationen verfahren. Damit verbunden ist dann allerdings, dass die Aufgaben vorerst nicht in die PDB eingegeben werden und somit auch nicht für Vorgängersuchen etc. zur Verfügung stehen.

New PDB version (2011-9-9)

The new PDB version has been released today.

Import of miniature collection (2010-9-12)

Today around 61000 new miniature problems have been imported. 35000 of these problems are from the Zuncke/Bruder collection and 26000 from the Felber collection. Klaus-Peter Zuncke, a great expert of orthodox miniatures, had started this collection of miniatures and was joined by Wolfgang A. Bruder for several years. Zuncke was very much interested to make this collection available to the public, but sadly he died already in 2007 and he couldn't pursue his plans. Via Rainer Staudte the Zuncke/Bruder collection has been handed over to Volker Felber who spent more than two years to process this collection and update the data. Volker Felber also contributed to the collection by adding 26000 problems from his personal collection. A more detailled history of the the miniature collection with more explanations is being prepared and will be published later. We are very pleased that today these miniature collections have been made generally available in the PDB.

New statistics and search criteria (2010-6-1)

New statistic 'Updates' and new search criteria CHANGEDATE, CREATIONUSER and CHANGEUSER have been added. Documentation for some existing search criteria (like POSITION) added.

New PDB version for Windows (2008-11-13)

The first version of the new PDB Windows client has now been released. You can download the setup program here.

Data update (2008-11-5)

Today the online PDB has been updated. More than 10000 new helpmates have been added and more than 1000 helpmates have been updated thanks to the work of Hans-Peter Reich.

Data imports (2004-10-5)

Today appr. 5000 new problems have been imported into the PDB. The following people contributed new problems:
Henri Nouguier: appr. 1000 retros in exchange for appr. 6000 retros from the PDB,
Hans Gruber: appr. 1000 problems of his own,
Kniest/Gruber/Müller/Staudte: appr. 2300 selfmates and reflexmates from their book "Selbstmatt-Miniaturen/Reflexmatt-Miniaturen",
Frank Müller: several hundred selfmates.

Import of Brian Stephenson collection (2004-8-16)

I am very pleased to announce that Brian Stephenson provided his database of 48997 direct mates for import into the PDB. The following number of problems have been added to the PDB:
#2: 23407,
#3: 19717,
#n: 5873.

Data imports (2003-10-1)

I am very pleased to announce that Paul Valois contributed his reflex mate collection to the PDB. More than 2000 reflex mates have been added. Any comments, corrections and additions should be sent directly to Paul Valois (whose address may be obtained from me). Many thanks also to Die Schwalbe which contributed the original problems from the last 10 years and to Horst Bäcker who contributed his collection of problems.

Data update (2003-2-20)

Today the online PDB has been updated. More than 2000 new helpmates have been added thanks to the work of Hans-Peter Reich. Much information has been updated with the kind help of a lot of problemists.

PDB - The complete Niemann + 9000 Retros and additional fairies (1999-5-1)

The Niemann collection has been published on a CD-ROM, together with the retro collection by Gerd Wilts. The following people and institutions helped to compile this problem collection:

John Niemann
Die Schwalbe
Horst Bäcker
Elmar Bartel
Erich Bartel
Ralf Binnewirtz
Michal Dragoun
Hilmar Ebert
Werner Frangen
Andrey Frolkin
Norbert Geissler
Antonio Garofalo
Hans Gruber
Josef Haas
Joost de Heer
Stefan Höning
Henrik Juel
Rainer Kuhn
Markus Manhart
Ralf Krätschmer
L'Echiquier de Grenoble
Günter Lauinger
Torsten Linß
Valery Liskovets
Thomas Maeder
Thomas Minx
Andreas Mokosch
Franz Pachl
Vito Rallo
Heike Ritter
Hans-Jürgen Schäfer
Ronald Schäfer
Philippe Schnoebelen
Bernd Schwarzkopf
Lothar Thelen